Portfolio Performance: January and February (increased Dash, exited Zcash)

This is the first in a series of regular posts where I plan to share the details of my portfolio, the trades I’ve made (if any), and observations on market performance.

Here’s what I currently own in the world of cryptoassets (a semi-regular update is also posted here):

  • Bitcoin: 87%
  • Ether: 7%
  • Dash: 4%
  • Monero: 1%
  • Litecoin: 1%

Here are the trades I made in January and February:

  • I sold my entire Zcash position – about 1% of my portfolio; it’s still a promising technology and team, but given coin inflation and past performance Zcash price is not likely to beat Bitcoin
  • I increased my Dash position from 1% to almost 4%; I also contributed some of my shares to a Dash Masternode share program and may even setup my own Dash Masternode at some point
  • When Bitcoin neared its all-time high at $1200 I sold less than 5% of my Bitcoin holdings. I did this because I had promised myself, during the long extended bear market, that if Bitcoin ever reached its ATH I would take some profits. Even then, I didn’t take as much off the table as past-me had promised myself. Funny how psychology works
  • I slightly increased my position in Monero although I am starting to suspect it won’t outperform Bitcoin in the next 12 months

Portfolio benchmarks:

  • In calendar year 2016, Bitcoin increased 137%. My portfolio returned 107%, so I underperformed significantly
  • In January 2017, Bitcoin fell 5%. My portfolio lost 2%, so I outperformed slightly

I’ll eventually draw up a table to compare my portfolio’s performance versus Bitcoin and other benchmarks, eg, the S&P 500 and a Gold ETF.

What I’ve learned:

I’m of the increasing suspicion that currencies favored for transactions (eg, Ethereum as gas, Monero, Zcash) will underperform currencies that exhibit store-of-value / buy-and-hold properties (eg, Bitcoin, Dash with its Masternode structure). It may be hard to predict ex-ante coin behavior. I will look at transaction metrics (volume and dollars moved) and measures of a currency’s velocity to see if there is some correlation

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