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“The highest correlation to long-term success, is Github commits”

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Someone said to me this week that the highest correlation to long-term success, is Github commits. A research paper done a while back showed that developer activity was the highest correlation to long-term success. Not marketing, not hype, not liquidity or whatever. Go to Coingecko and sort by “Developer” and it has got an interesting picture

Good interview with Willy Woo (@woonomic on Twitter).

If you invest in crypto you should read Woobull

Published / by breakingbitcoin

Great blog and research from Willy Woo aka @dangermouse117. Some examples of his work:

Even applying a $10m market cap filter which should bring us beyond scam-coins, to coin platforms that should promise higher returns from their new and untouched markets, these guys (well below 10 coins introduced per year) continue to be outperformed by bitcoin. [source]

For a currency with a tiny market cap of $10b, compared to say the Euro’s M1 money supply of $7.5t, bitcoin’s price stability is ridiculously good. [source]

And this lovely altcoins chart: