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My Bitcoin and Crypto Portfolio: the 6th issue

Published / by kgao

The full version is on Steem. I’ve been testing Steem for a few weeks now since I’m a small holder of its tokens. They make publishing pretty easy, but still no real community or audience to speak of.

As of today, June 14th, the following assets and tokens are more than 1% of my portfolio, in descending order:

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • XEM
  • BTS
  • DASH
  • XMR
  • LTC
  • ETC
  • ZEN
  • XCP

This isn’t investment advice. IANAL. Crypto is due for a large correction. August 1st could be a trigger.

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You can read the full version on Steem. Thanks!

Kevin (@kgao)